Who We Are

 Professor Paul ‘tHart

Paul ‘t Hart is professor of public administration at the Utrecht School of Governance, which he joined in 2001. Paul has written as series of important works on political leadership including:

  • Public Leadership: Perspectives and Practices(co-edited with John Uhr, ANU E Press 2008);
  • How Power Changes Hands: Transition and Succession in Government (co-edited with John Uhr, Palgrave 2011).
  • Prime Ministerial Leadership: Power, Parties and Performance(co-edited with James Walter and Paul Strangio, Oxford University Press 2013);
  • Oxford Handbook of Political Leadership (co-edited with Rod Rhodes, Oxford University Press 2014)
  • Understanding Public Leadership (Palgrave, expected late 2014)

For more information see here

Dr Mark Bennister (mark.bennister@canterbury.ac.uk)

Dr Mark Bennister is a Senior Lecturer in Politics at Canterbury Christ Church University. He specialises in comparative politics, political leadership, British and Australasian politics. Mark is an expert in comparative prime ministerial leadership. He published ‘Prime Ministers in Power: A Comparative Study of Political Leadership in Britain and Australia’ in March 2012.

Mark has written a number of works on Leadership including:

  • (2013) ‘Tony Blair’s Oratory’ in Hayton, R. and Crines A (eds) Labour Party Oratory from Bevan to Brown, Manchester University Press. Forthcoming
  • (2012) Prime Ministers in Power: Political Leadership in Britain and Australia, Palgrave
  • (2012) ‘Cameron as Prime Minister: The Intra-Executive Politics of Britain’s Coalition’ Parliamentary Affairs 65 (4) pp 778-800.
  • (2009) ‘Tony Blair as Prime Minister’ in The Blair Legacy: Politics, Policy, Governance, and Foreign Affairs, (ed T. Casey), Palgrave.
  • (2008) ‘Blair and Howard: Predominant Prime Ministers Compared’ in Parliamentary Affairs 61 (2) April pp334-355.
  • (2007) ‘Tony Blair and John Howard: Comparative Predominance and Institutional Stretch in Britain and Australia’, British Journal of Politics and International Relations (3) pp327-345.

Dr Ben Worthy (b.worthy@bbk.ac.uk)

Ben Worthy is a Lecturer in Politics based at Birkbeck College, University of London. As well as Political Leadership his specialisms include Government Transparency, Open Data, Political leadership, British Politics, Digital Democracy and Public Policy and Policy-making.

  • with Mark Bennister (forthcoming) ‘Capital Squandered? Tony Blair in 2005’
  • with Bennister, Mark (2012). ‘Getting it, Spending it, Losing it: Exploring Political Capital’. Paper for the Political Studies Association Conference April 2012, Belfast available here

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