Political Leadership – Politics and Governance Special Issue edited by Mark Bennister


Political Leadership – Politics and Governance Special Issue edited by Mark Bennister
Dr Mark Bennister, Reader in Politics has edited a Special Issue of the peer reviewed journal Politics and Governance ‘New Approaches to Political Leadership’. Politics and Governance is an open access journal, freely available online. Dr Amelia Hadfield is one of the editors in chief of the journal.
The issue includes articles which engage with the core puzzles of political leadership and brings together many diverse theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of political leadership, a vibrant area of study currently in the midst of an academic renaissance. All articles can be accessed at http://www.cogitatiopress.com/ojs/index.php/politicsandgovernance/issue/view/45
Table of Contents
Editorial: New Approaches to Political Leadership Mark Bennister 1-4
1.       The (Unintended) Consequences of New Labour: Party Leadership vs Party Management in the British Labour Party Emmanuelle Avril 5-14
2.       Assessing the Performance of UK Opposition Leaders: Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘Straight Talking, Honest Politics’ Patrick Diamond 15-24
3.       Deliberative Political Leaders: The Role of Policy Input in Political Leadership Jennifer Lees-Marshment 25-35
4.       Explaining Japan’s Revolving Door Premiership: Applying the Leadership Capital Index Tina Burrett 36-53
5.       Responsive to the People? Comparing the European Cognitive Maps of Dutch Political Leaders and their Followers Femke Van Esch, Rik Joosen and Sabine van Zuydam 54-67
6.       Between Potential, Performance and Prospect: Revisiting the Political Leadership of the EU Commission President Henriette Müller 68-79
7.       Missing Areas in the Bureaucratic Reputation Framework Moshe Maor 80-90
8.       Contingency and Political Action: The Role of Leadership in Endogenously Created Crises András Körösényi, Gábor Illés and Rudolf Metz 91-103
9.       Leadership in Precarious Contexts: Studying Political Leaders after the Global Financial Crisis Cristine de Clercy and Peter Ferguson 104-114
10.   Political Leadership in Parliament: The Role of Select Committee Chairs in the UK House of Commons Alexandra Kelso 115-126
11.   Leadership and Behavior in Humanitarian and Development Transnational Non-Governmental Organizations Margaret G Hermann and Christiane Pagé 127-137
12.   Cursus Honorum: Personal Background, Careers and Experience of Political Leaders in Democracy and Dictatorship—New Data and Analyses Alexander Baturo 138-157


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