Article: Gendered framings of Julia Gillard’s ‘sexism and misogyny’speech

gillard2On an appropriate day in Australian politics, here’s some research on one of the defining moments of Julia Gillard’s premiership….

Wright, K. A., & Holland, J. (2014). ‘Leadership and the media: Gendered framings of Julia Gillard’s ‘sexism and misogyny’speech’. Australian Journal of Political Science, 49(3), 455-468.


This article analyses Australian media portrayals of former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s ‘sexism and misogyny’ speech to parliament in October 2012. Our analysis reveals that coverage of the speech comprised three principal gendered framings: strategic attack, uncontrolled emotional outpouring, and hypocrisy. We argue that these framings demonstrate the role the media plays as a gendered mediator, perpetuating the double gender bind that constrains women political leaders, as they negotiate the demand to demonstrate masculine leadership attributes without tarnishing the feminine qualities expected of them. In this instance, gendered media framings: limited the saliency of Gillard’s speech; curtailed calls for wider introspection on Australian political culture; and further disassociated women from political leadership.

You can see a draft of the article here and the video of the speech itself here.

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