Measuring Political Leadership


Measuring Political Leadership

This website forms part of a wider project to develop measurements of political leadership using the idea of leadership capital. This can help us better understand:

  • How much authority a leader has when in office or power
  • How they use it
  • How and why they lose it

Measuring political leadership is difficult. As a number of scholars point out, it involves measuring many different things:

  • Personality-are they a good communicator? A good manager? Can they inspire or forge strong bonds?
  • Resources-what power or influence does their position give them? Do they have a team, a large machine? More difficult, does their office have prestige?
  • Context– what situation do they find themselves in? Have they won an election? Is there an unexpected event? A crisis or a war? More broadly, where in the world are they?

These issues are just a few of the possible things that can make or break a political leader that we look at in our Leadership Capital Index

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